June 16, 2020News

Safety Measures of Class Resumption

On June 22nd, our VPP kids and parents return to our centres after so many months away! We are overjoyed at the prospect of seeing our students in person once again! As delighted as we are to reopen our campuses, we are cognizant of the risks COVID-19 continues to present to the health and safety of our returning students, staff and parents. As such, VPP has taken important measures to safeguard against the spread and infection of the virus. These include: surveys of potential symptoms, daily temperature checks, temperature logs, mandatory use of hand sanitizers, a thorough disinfection of all work surfaces, toys and learning tools, physical distancing and staggered class times. These safety measures will allow us to safely resume in-person sessions, while protecting our students and our dedicated team of educators. Please take a moment to check out the important video. We simply cannot wait to finally see our students in person on June 22nd!

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Ronna Lau

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